Why Prey is giving the Predator a horrifying primal overhaul

When Prey hits Hulu on August 5, fans will notice some big changes to the design of Predator (Yaujta). It may come as a surprise to those watching, and the alien hunter’s gaze certainly came as a surprise to the cast as well. However, there is a reason for all this.

Although Prey is billed as a prequel, it doesn’t deal with any of the characters – or locations for that matter – from the previous films, so the people behind the film could basically do whatever they wanted. And that led to the creation of the Yaujta that we see in the movie, which is a bit more primitive.

“Because it’s set 300 years before the original, there’s kind of a narrative need for this thing to be a bit different, in terms of what it’s wearing, what it’s equipped with,” said the director Dan Trachtenberg at GameSpot. “But after taking that opportunity – saying maybe it’s from another part of the hemisphere, or whatever – the movie might bring the same kind of surprises that the original had. What was so great about that first movie was it was exciting to see this masked being and then it was exciting to see it in masked form and then it was exciting to see it in its final form I wanted it to have the same set of surprises, even for the hardcore fans. So changing it up a bit allowed us to achieve that. And then also all the unique weapons, some things that look like their previous iterations of what we’ve seen before. And then, you know, some new toys for us to enjoy.”

But after imagining the concept of this new Predator and planning its look and technology, seeing it for the first time was still very surprising. “Frankly, I was scared,” Trachtenberg continued. “It came at a time when we were working hard, and although I’ve done a few of those horror thriller type things, there’s nothing scary while you’re doing it, you know And I have to say, seeing this thing in the wee hours of the evening in the woods for the first time, and it walked up to me and looked at me, I felt like I was 10 years old again , and I was really kind of terrified. So it’s pretty impressive to see.”

For star Amber Midthunder – who plays expert Comanche tracker Naru – she felt quite different on set, seeing Dane DiLiegro in the Yaujta costume. “I said, ‘I could take that,” Midthunder told GameSpot. “I literally said, ‘I can kill that.'” I saw it in the woods. And not by accident, but like, I didn’t know he was there or you heard like, whispers and rumors that there was some kind of genre, presentation or show and tell or something going on going on like, the costume or something like that. And I seen people walking away. When I went to see him, I saw a large group of people. And then when I looked, I saw the Predator. And while I was amazed and just mesmerized by the costume and the details and everything. It was interesting. It felt like there was a lot of duality in that experience for me.”

For Dakota Beavers, who plays Taabe, this was his first film role, so he was adjusting to life working on a big-budget production. However, DiLiegro appearing in front of him in the suit still brought him to a halt. “It’s pretty wild,” Beavers said. “The first time I saw him, there were whispers on set. And then I saw him walking through the trees. It’s kind of like I just saw the Bigfoot moment. You’re like, ‘Oh, holy shit.’ If no one had told me (Predator was on set) I’d probably be looking for a blade ‘Cause it’s pretty convincing The suit is pretty amazing they built He’s a big old man wearing the costume. Dane did a great job. And then also, the realism. Every time they spray him with this stuff, every scene to make his skin look more realistic. And so it looks really good in person.

Prey arrives on Hulu on Friday, August 5. In GameSpot’s Prey review, Mat Elfring said, “Prey is a movie about being hunted and taking the opportunity to help your people fight their abusers. It’s not about reinventing the wheel. , but it fits well into the Predator universe, as the franchise’s second-best film.”

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