Valorant 5.0 Patch Adds Ascending Rank, Pearl Card – Full Patch Notes

The big 5.0 update for Valorant brings a new map, Pearl, removes an old one, Split, and changes the competitive level system.

For two weeks after Pearl goes live, Valorant will feature a Pearl-only playlist. After these two weeks, Pearl will be integrated into the unranked and competitive modes. The Split map is also temporarily removed from the Unranked and Competitive map pools.

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The other big change is the addition of Ascendant rank, which sits between Diamond and Immortal ranks in competitive play. The patch notes point to concerns about the distribution of players in ranks, especially at the lower tiers. An additional rank will help, according to the notes, to define the skill level of each rank and to distribute the players correctly. In-kind, the rank-determining MMR targets for all ranks below Immortal have been reduced, to make room for the incoming tier. Additionally, the seasonal reset will be less harsh than before and after this patch, as players are moved to the Ascendant tier.

The rest of the patch includes a few bugfixes. For example, weapon equips will no longer occasionally display the incorrect starting animation, the channeling bar will update normally if a player disconnects and then reconnects to a match, and Jett cannot equip a weapon during Tailwind.

You can find the full patch notes below or at the Valorant website.



  • NEW MAP: Pearl is online!
  • Pearl queue only
    • This queue is a standard unranked mode that will give players a chance to practice on the new map before seeing it in competitive play.
    • The Pearl-only queue will be available for 2 weeks, then Pearl will compete.



NEW RANK: Ascending

  • Added an additional rank above Diamond, below Immortal, called “Ascendant”.
    • We think our lower ranks have a bit too many of you, especially bronze and silver. When we were looking at the rank distribution, we realized that if we were to move some of you up and out of those lower ranks, it would overcrowd Platinum and Diamond. So, by adding a new rank, we can better distribute you between ranks, retain the prestige of high ranks, while helping to better define the skill level of each rank.
  • Moved down rank MMR targets that determine rank, due to the addition of the new Ascendant rank, for all ranks below Ascendant. Moved target ranked for Immortal 1/2/3 and Radiant up.
    • These are the thresholds that say “You should be X MMR to reach this rank”. MMR goals determine your RR earnings and help push your rank to match your MMR.
  • This means that players will rank up if they are below Ascendant.
  • To align with our expectations of what it means to be at the highest ranks in VALORANT, Immortal+ players will have a harder time getting back to their previous Episode rank. This means that Immortal will also have a smaller ranking population in all regions.
  • Due to the seasonal reset, you may not see a rank increase at the start of the episode without some work; but the reset will be “less harsh” compared to the last episode reset. So because we’re pushing the playerbase up to fill Ascendant, the reset won’t hit you as hard.
  • The next time we reset the leaderboards, it will likely drop you more than resetting this episode. Remember that the “softer” reset is unique to this episode due to the introduction of Ascendant.
  • Grouping restrictions for Ascendant are 3 ranks above or below the Ascendant ranked player
    • This matches our Platinum+ ruleset for bundling.
  • Highest allowable placement changed to Ascendant 1 (formerly Diamond 1)
  • Five stacking 25% RR penalties now start at Immortal 1 (formerly Diamond 3)
  • Solo/Duo/5-stack restriction now starts at Immortal 1 (formerly Diamond 3)
    • Remember that Diamond 3 and above could previously only solo, duo, and 5 stacks. This restriction now starts at Immortal 1.
    • By adding another rank, we were able to push the Five Stack penalty and Solo/Duo restrictions into Immortal. This makes it simpler, Immortal is where ranking starts and for this reason we try to hold players more accountable for their ranking.
  • Due to a naming conflict with the new rank, we have renamed Sage’s Tier 8 Agent Contract unlock – Sage’s new title is “Dauntless”
    • Renaming this title wasn’t something we did lightly, but after talking about the title, we thought it was a chance to give the title more meaning to Sage and his personality/theme.



  • Fixed a bug on Haven that prevented players from using their spray on a wall in A Garden


  • Fixed a bug where Jett could equip a weapon during Tailwind
  • Fixed a bug where Agents revealed by Sova’s Recon Bolt or Fade’s Haunt would sometimes briefly appear in the incorrect location on the minimap
  • Fixed a bug where the scope visual effect would sometimes disappear when aiming down sights with Chamber’s feat

gaming systems

  • Fixed a bug where using an Ultimate Point Orb or defusing the Spike at maximum range could cause channeling and progress bar animations to flicker
  • Fixed a bug where the usage channel progress bar would not update if the player disconnected and reconnected during the match
  • Fixed a bug where some weapon gear could play the wrong gear speed animation, which could visually distort when you could fire. Some situations impacted by this bug were:
    • Outgoing Cypher Spycam
    • Capture Ultimate Point Orbs
    • Cancellation and completion of the Spike factory

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