Today’s Wordle Answer (#411) – August 4, 2022

Gather around for another edition of our Wordle guides. Wordle’s last week featured some tricky words, and Thursday, August 4 is no different. While the answer may be a common word, its structure is not and might make some players frustrated trying to guess it. This is where we come in.

If you are just starting this Wordle, we recommend using our list of the best starter words to get started. However, if you already have some in-depth guesses, you might benefit more from a few pointers that can help get you on the right track. We’ll also provide the answer below for any player who just wants to try again tomorrow.

Today’s Wordle Answer – August 4, 2022

We’ll start with a few clues that won’t entirely give the answer, but will also allow players to come up with better guesses. If you want to see the full answer, keep reading below in the article.

  • Hint 1: Songwriters and poets commonly use this form of language to string lines together.
  • Hint 2: This word starts with three straight consonants and has only one vowel.

If you weren’t able to guess the answer using these tips, you can read further for the full answer in the August 4 Wordle. The full answer is… “rhyme…” The structure of the word is certainly unique and could absolutely lead players to run through their six guesses quite quickly. However, hopefully our advice or maybe the complete answer has allowed players to keep their Wordle streak alive. Check back tomorrow for another edition of our Wordle guides.

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