Today’s Wordle Answer (#409) – August 2, 2022

It’s yet another day, which means there’s yet another Wordle answer. It’s August 2 and our answer today is once again an unpopular part of speech by Wordle’s standards. It’s also just a weird word that I can’t imagine many people will immediately understand, so I’m here again to help as much as I can.

Have you tried Wordle today? Not to say too much, but again we have an adverb on deck. If you know anything about how these words are formed, I just gave you half the word here! It’s the least I can do when the game is actively trying to trip the player up as badly as this word tries. In order to get the rest of the word out in no time, you should all use our handy list of the best seed words in Wordle. There are tons to choose from there and as long as you spread things out a bit, you’re bound to come across the remaining letters you need to complete today’s word.

Today’s Wordle Answer – August 2, 2022

As always, today’s answer awaits you all at the bottom of this article, but I’ve got a hint you can use in the meantime to try and guess today’s answer with some ease.

  • Hint: today’s word is a way of describing how someone who is usually considered shy can do something, like speaking up in a group or approaching someone new.

Have you received today’s Wordle yet? No worries, I wasted every guess I made to get there and barely came out with my streak intact. Today’s Wordle is… shy! Weird word, huh? It’s pretty much synonymous with “shy,” but I thought if I said that above, it might have been too obvious a giveaway. I already gave you the whole -ly at the end pointing out that it was an adverb to start with, something to keep in mind in case you haven’t internalized it. I promise you these tricks won’t always turn into an English lesson, but learning this is like having a cheat code, so go ahead, y’all. That’s it for today’s round of Wordle, but check back tomorrow for a new set of hints and answers!

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