This mobile game creation pack is a great value

If you have a unique idea for a mobile game floating around in your head, now might be the time to bring it to life. GameSpot Deals offers The Definitive Game Creation Software Bundle for just $99, which includes both AppGameKit and GameGuru to help you get started in the world of game development. AppGameKit Studio costs $100 on its own, so you’re basically getting a bunch of content for free with this bundle.

AppGameKit is the main attraction of this bundle, as it’s an easy-to-learn tool that will get you up and coding in no time. AppGameKit Classic and Studio are included, allowing you to develop games for Steam, iOS, Android and other platforms. You’ll also get a bunch of asset packs to get the ball rolling and help you prototype your game without needing to hunt down an artist or buy premium content.

GameGuru is not a professional tool like AppGameKit, but it lets you create your own virtual worlds without a lot of coding. Instead, it relies heavily on a drag-and-drop interface and comes with hundreds of built-in assets. Basically, it’s a standalone map editor that you’ll find in some games.

In total, you will get 36 DLC packs compatible with GameGuru, AppGameKit Classic or AppGameKit Studio. This should be more than enough for any beginner to bring their ideas to life. Your purchase gives you lifetime access to all content, and all three programs should run smoothly on most PCs (the software specs aren’t very demanding and only require 12GB of storage).

If you’re on the fence about the bundle, it might be worth checking this out for free Unity game development collect first. It offers three courses for free, with the option to purchase five for a single dollar. If his gear clicks with you, then the Definitive Game Making Collection bundle would be a great second stop.

Below is a quick look at AppGameKit in action, while the beginners tutorial walks you through some programming basics.

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