The lag is actually to blame for once as League Of Legends matches will be replayed

Riot Games’ esports division has released a statement confirming a latency discrepancy between the Busan site and the remote RNG team site during the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational competition.

“We found out after the third day that there was a difference in the latency reported in the game logs for all matches compared to what was happening at the Busan site,” the press release reads.

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Cela signifie que les équipes jouant à Busan jouaient à un ping plus élevé, tandis que l’équipe RNG – qui concourt à distance en Chine – jouait à un ping plus bas. Parce que cela a donné un avantage à RNG, RNG devra désormais rejouer trois matchs. RNG avait précédemment remporté trois matchs sur trois, mais ces résultats seront désormais annulés.

RNG est en compétition à distance en Chine cette année en raison des restrictions de Covid à Shanghai. L’entraîneur-chef de RNG, Ken Zhu (Zhu Kai), a pris Weibo d’écrire une très longue déclaration commentant la question. “Ma première réaction a été que je ne comprenais pas [the decision]. In my 10 years of career, I have never encountered such a situation. The players and the management are also confused,” he said.

It is clear that Zhu is not very happy with the situation. He says he and the team will respect the competition’s decision and cooperate with MSI’s rules. But he also adds: “If the latency issue was discovered on the first day of the competition, I would completely understand. But the fact that the competition lasted three days until the latency issue was discovered and asks us besides replaying our matches, isn’t that inexcusable? But that’s the reality of the situation, and the only thing we can do is accept and cooperate.

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