Steam Deck update will let you know when the system is too hot or too cold

Valve has been updating its Steam Deck laptop regularly since launch, and the device’s latest tweak now lets you know when it’s getting too hot Where too cold. The version 3.3 update warns users of excessive heat and cold affecting the unit, which may impact the performance of the Steam Deck. The update also added anchored motion improvements, performance tweaks, and bug fixes.

Officially, Valve has warned Steam Deck owners that the optimum temperature for the unit is between 0-35°C. Beyond those numbers, performance will be limited, as the internal AMD APU chip runs hot to begin with.

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This CPU will start throttling when it reaches 100°C, and it will shut down at 105°C. Ambient temperature also plays an important role in determining the Steam Deck’s internal heat, and you’ll want to be in a moderately cool room when using the device.

On the opposite side of the temperature spectrum, cold weather will impact the battery. “In very cold temperatures, the battery starts to struggle,” Steam Deck designer Lawrence Yang explained to Gamer on PC.

“Like any battery-powered device, the Steam Deck’s battery cannot sustain maximum power draw in temperatures below 0°C (similar to how cars have a harder time starting in harsh weather). If temperatures get that low, we’ll start revving the system to maintain battery longevity.”

In other great Steam Deck news, Valve has confirmed that anyone with a Q3 or Q4 reservation will be guaranteed a Steam Deck by the end of the year. You can check out our Steam Deck review for more information on Valve’s console performance.

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