Square Enix’s Harvestella has some seriously delicious food

Square Enix’s Harvestella is a combat, slice-of-life farming simulation with a side of an apocalyptic event called The Quietus. in a new blog postSquare Enix has revealed more information about cities, characters, and seasonal cultures.

The city of spring is called Nemea and, true to its name, the flowers bloom all year round. The Spring Seaslight, a giant crystal that controls the seasons, is threatened by a giant egg. After he appeared, monsters started attacking the villagers.

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As the main character, you will travel to Nemea and help them with their monstrous plague. Along the way, you will meet Istina, a resident of Spring Town. She is a teacher at the orphanage and has a secret past.

In addition to Fight, Mage, and Shadow Walker combat tasks, players can also unlock Sky Lancer – a task focused on physical attacks and wind attributes. By talking to the Nemean Asyl character, a Sky Lancer, players will be able to get the job. In a bit of a Fire Emblem twist, players can also increase “closeness” to characters by unlocking their stories, which leads to combat buffs and gifts.

Also, the revealed spring crops and food look great in Harvestella. The strawberry shortcake looks delicious, as well as the sparkly bolognese.

Harvestella Bolognese
Harvestella Bolognese

So far, Harvestella seems to borrow from a disparate set of influences such as Rune Factory, Harvest Moon, and of course Final Fantasy energy (giant crystals) is also apparent.

Harvestella will be released on November 4 on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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