She-Hulk Premiere Moved One Day, Won’t Overlap With Andor

When The Mandalorian debuted, Disney+ shows dropped on Friday, but were eventually moved to Wednesday. Now, with She-Hulk and Andor dropping around the same time this fall, there was going to be a crossover, but with its move, each of the shows has its own specific day. Obi-Wan and Ms. Marvel had crossovers in their early seasons, so this might be something Disney does in the future.

She-Hulk will now premiere on Thursday, August 18 and will consist of nine episodes, ending on October 13. Andor will keep the Wednesday slot. Its three-episode premiere will drop on Disney+ on September 21, while the rest of the episodes will drop weekly until November 23.

Andor begins five years before the events of Rogue One with the series following a group as a rebel alliance forms against the Galactic Empire. The first trailer dropped earlier this week and it was full of Star Wars cameos that will eventually tie into the events of Rogue One, where Andor was originally introduced.

She-Hulk is about Bruce Banner’s cousin who accidentally finds herself as a superhero trying to balance her career as a lawyer as well. The latest trailer showed off a ton of D-list villains and even the potential for a Daredevil crossover.

Andor is also the biggest first season of any Disney+ show to date, with a second season with the same number of 12 episodes already ordered.

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