Saints Row publisher Koch Media becomes Plaion

Koch Media, a subsidiary of Embracer Group and owner of Saints Row developer Volition, is changing its name to Plaion.

As reported by, Plaion, as the company is now known, is taking the step to “recognize who we really are”. The publisher also unveiled its new logo today and spoke to to explain the decision behind the change, which is apparently in part an attempt to modernize Koch’s look.

“But the more we thought about it, the more we wanted to go all the way,” Plaion chief executive Klemens Kundratitz said. “It is more impactful, there is an external statement but it is also an internal statement for our employees. We are opening this new chapter, they are part of it, we are a modern, growing, ambitious global company, and it is is to energize people internally.”

Kundratitz explained that Plaion didn’t want people to see the change as just a “window dressing,” but that it was part of a journey. And he also hopes this refresh will have a bigger international impact than Koch’s.

“For so many years our name has been associated with physical distribution, perhaps the fact that we are more of a Central European business – although including the UK, as it was one of the first three countries we launched in. But we may not be considered a global company, and sometimes it’s hard for some people to tell.

GamesIndustry also explained that Plaion is pronounced like “Play on,” which Kundratitz hopes will evoke both the gaming and cinematic aspects of its business. The logo, which resembles the universal symbol of the game, was also designed to reflect both sides of the company.

Kundratitz remarked that Plaion is a game company “first and foremost”, noting that this is a nine-to-one ratio comparing the game to the movie. He also noted that Plaion is not “mutating into another company”, and is “simply following the path we have been on since becoming part of the Embracer group”.

Embracer Group acquired the company in 2018 and also recently acquired the studio behind Tomb Raider and Deus Ex.

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