Pokemon Presents will include Scarlet and Purple news on August 3

The Pokemon Company has announced that a new look at Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will premiere August 3 at 6am PT / 9am ET on its YouTube channel. The developer says its latest Pokemon Presents showcase will also feature updates on other Pokemon apps and video games on Wednesday.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be the main event of this week’s presentation, and it’s likely the video will have a few more pocket monsters to reveal as it goes. The June trailer showed off a mix of returning faces and region-exclusive Pokémon, such as the adorable Lechonk who took the internet by storm with his wholesome design.

The Pokemon Company has slowly revealed new details about the next mainline entry in the Pokemon franchise, which features music composed by Undertale and Tobey Fox of Deltarune and hints at a conflict between nature and technology. For more details ahead of the game’s November 18 release, you can check out everything we know about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet so far.

As for other games, there are plenty of Pokemon projects currently active, ranging from Pokemon Unite mobile games to Pokemon Masters, as well as apps for the franchise such as Pokemon Home.

In other Pocket Monsters news, you can find out everything coming to Pokemon Go in August and a quick look at the extremely cuddly Pokemon Squishmallows that will be released in the future.

Every Pokemon Confirmed For Pokemon Scarlet And Violet So Far

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