Overwatch 2 will not receive a third beta before launch

Overwatch 2 will not receive a third beta before the game launches, Blizzard has confirmed.

The news comes from tweets from Overwatch’s business leader Jon Spector. Instead of running another beta, the team will use feedback received from the game’s alpha and two public beta tests to focus on “launch the best game possible on October 4,” Spector writes.

Players could sign up for a chance to play in both Overwatch 2 beta periods (or pre-order the game Watchpoint Pack for instant beta access), but it wasn’t until the final days of the game’s latest beta period that all players who signed up were granted access.

Many balance changes to the game’s hero cast have come and gone over the course of Overwatch 2’s public betas. the role was not fun to play. Although some heroes in Overwatch 2 are basically the same as in the original Overwatch, some, like Orissa and Doomfist, have changed drastically. Beta testers also got to try out Overwatch 2’s new hero additions, Sojourn and Junker Queen.

Overwatch 2, which will replace the original Overwatch when released, will be free-to-play and will not include loot boxes. It will instead allow players to directly purchase cosmetics and will also introduce a battle pass to Blizzard’s FPS for the first time.

A recent survey by Blizzard asking players about $45 Overwatch 2 skins caused controversy in the gaming community. Blizzard has since clarified that the prices listed in the survey were not final and were randomized so that users “better understand the preferences of players”. Additional details on the game’s store and Battle Pass will be closer to launch, Blizzard said.

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