New York City Mayor Says Overwatch’s Hanzo Is Trash

It’s rare to see a politician express opinions about video games, or at least somewhat informed opinions. New York City Mayor Eric Adams decided to break precedent and throw his two cents at one particular Overwatch character – Hanzo.

In response to New York’s Overwatch League team, NY Excelsior, welcoming him as an honorary member, Adams tweeted, “Couldn’t smash the send button fast enough – im not maybe not a gaming expert, but at least I’m not garbage like Hanzo!” Thank you, Mayor Adams, for your contribution.

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It’s unclear what being an “honorary member” of NY Excelsior entails for Mayor Adams. But Adam’s support of NYC’s own esports team is in line with his agenda to make NYC “a global hub for the digital games industry,” according to one. press release released by his office. He also supported the initiative of the City University of New York (CUNY) to create a new degree program in digital game design.

“New York City has always been the center of innovation, but it’s time for New York City to take it to the next level and finally become a leader in the digital gaming space,” mentioned Mayor Adams on CUNY’s new program. “It’s time to take advantage of all the talent we have here in New York by investing in the future of the game. This $2 million investment will help us reach over 1,000 students over the next three years and diversify the game. That’s how we do things for our young people and for New York!”

Anyway, do you think Hanzo is trash? Sound off in the comments.

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