New Xbox Series S dev tools grant games more memory

Thanks to a new software development kit, Xbox Series S developers will now be able to create games that use more memory than ever before. The recent upgrade was implemented with the aim of giving developers more control over the performance of the next-gen console.

As The Verge reported, this update is specifically aimed at optimizing the Series S, which has less memory and graphics power than the more expensive Series X. While the Series X has access to 16GB of RAM, its smaller cousin has around 10GB. Developers are further limited to 8GB, as around 2GB of that total is used for the operating system. The recently released June Games SDK frees up hundreds of additional megabytes of memory. In a video explaining the updatethis additional memory “may improve graphics performance under constrained memory conditions”.

As the Verge pointed out, the developers said Hardware Experts YouTube Digital Foundry that memory constraints were a particular issue in the development and optimization of the Series S. The previously mentioned video also indicates that many of the changes in the June Game SDK were a direct result of developer feedback.

This update comes with several changes to Xbox developer tools and resources. The other significant change is improved graphics allocation performance, allowing developers to use memory more efficiently without affecting graphics performance.

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