Netflix Releases 10 First Look Images From The New Anime, Uncle From Another World

As part of Netflix Geeked Week, the streaming service has released a set of 10 first images from its upcoming anime manga adaptation Uncle from Another World. The series is set to hit the streaming service in July.

Written and illustrated by Hotondoshindeiru, the series is about “a young man’s uncle who wakes up from a 17-year-old coma, now with magical powers and a love for video games”. A synopsis continues: “Soon, Takafumi discovers two bizarre things: his uncle cherishes video games above all else, and, while in a coma, he was actually transported to another world as a heroic guardian. ! uncle who’s literally magical, he also has to catch up with the guy over two decades of history – smartphones, high-speed internet, modern anime tropes…and the traumatic outcome of the 90s console wars!” Check out the new images below.


An anime adaptation was first announced in June 2021. The original manga is still going strong, with its seventh volume released in February this year after starting in November 2018. According to Anime News Networkthe anime version of Uncle from Another World will feature a “Story” by Mayu Maeshima as the opening theme song, while the ending theme is “Ichibanboshi Sonority” by Yuka Iguchi.

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