Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

Second Dinner, an independent studio made up of Blizzard veterans who worked on Hearthstone, has announced its first game. Marvel Snap is a fast-paced new CCG that relies on simultaneous rounds, shorter matches, and a control mechanic unique area to create fast games.

Marvel Snap features over 150 Marvel characters, each with multiple art variations, and over 50 locations. Each game only lasts six rounds, so games only take about three minutes each. And if you want to press your luck, you can “Snap”, placing a bet on yourself to win to raise the stakes for double the rank rewards. The free game will launch this year on mobile and PC. New maps and locations will be added via weekly updates and monthly seasons.

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In Marvel Snap, you and your opponent are given a playing field of three random location cards with their own status effects. You each take six simultaneous turns to play Marvel Characters to claim control of locations, and whoever controls two of the three locations wins. You can “Snap” to double your winnings if you’re confident of a win – but if you’re on the receiving side of a Snap, keep in mind that it can still be a bluff.

“We grew up obsessively playing CCGs and spent decades designing them. We want the world to fall in love with card battlers like we did,” said Ben Brode, Development Director of Second. Dinner, in the ad. “Marvel Snap is unlike any card battle game ever made. We’ve worked hard to make sure the game is super deep for hardcore gamers, while still being super accessible for everyone to jump in and enjoy. fun. We’re thrilled to partner with Nuverse so we can reach millions of players with our first game.”

You can register at official site to participate in the limited closed beta on Android before launch. Check out our in-depth Marvel Snap preview to learn more about the new CCG and see all the cards revealed so far.

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