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Living in prehistoric times was difficult. Live A Live’s Prehistory chapter is no different. Enemies descend on you in hordes, and farting on them goes no further. However, this chapter has a unique mechanic that you can take advantage of to make things a little easier for your furry cave: crafting. Enemies drop all kinds of loot, and special NPCs wandering the junk can pile it up for you to craft better items. While there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to what gets dropped by whom, some of the recipes you can create are definitely better than others, and knowing them ahead of time will give you a huge advantage.

There are a few points to note. Beru becomes inaccessible for the central part of the chapter, and you won’t be able to change his equipment after that. You better get this stuff in the second hunting area. There are also two artisans. The first is in the north after being kicked out of your tribe. The second is just before entering the enemy tribe compound. Finally, good gear is no substitute for leveling up, but having it will make it safer to grind if you need to.

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There are only two headgears that are really worth it: the animal skin cap and the laughing mask. The Beast Hide Cap adds +3 defense and +10 speed and can be crafted from bone and hide. Then there’s the Laughing Mask, which gives you +7 defense and +15 special attack and can be crafted using dried hide and the beast’s fang or horn. It may seem like the Laughing Mask is the best choice here, but only Pogo and Beru can wear it. Gori is stuck with the Beastskin Cap.


This time, you have three weapon choices. Two of them require crafting the Stone Knife, which can be found in hidden locations or created using bone and hard rock. From there, you can pair the Stone Knife with a bone or staff to create the Quick Spear (+25 Attack +10 Speed) or with a leather strap to create the Fury Knife (+30 Attack). Only Pogo can use the spear, but Pogo and Beru can use the knife.

This guy is not as ignorant as he looks.
This guy is not as ignorant as he looks.

Beru, however, is best with the Wildheart Sack, made using a leather strap and dried skins. This grants him +40 Attack, +20 Physical Attack and +8 Special Defense. It’s enough to make Pogo jealous.


Both Pogo and Beru have an obvious better choice for gloves, and those are the Bang Gloves. These are made from dried hides and hard rock. Hitting a pair on your wrists will grant you +5 attack and +16 physical attack. Another option is the Thump Drum, created using dried skins and a stick. This will add +12 special attack. Note that you can equip Thump Drum as an accessory instead, which will gain you +6 special attack (however, you can carry five if you wish.


Again, Beru gets the best gear here. With dried hides and a stone knife, Pogo can create and equip Wildheart Armor. This gives him +16 defense and +10 physical defense while decreasing his speed by -8. With a leather bracelet and skin, Beru can obtain the Wildheart Dress, which grants him +32 Defense and +10 Special Defense. Don’t cavemen already wear robes?


There’s really only one piece of equipment you can wear on your feet, and that’s Rough Bands. You can create them with bones and beast horns. They add +2 Defense, +2 Speed, and +3 Special Defense. You can wear them as an accessory for +2 speed and +3 special defense, but since they’re also the only pair of boots you’ll find, you might as well have a set that warms your toes.


The least exciting part of gearing up your character is the accessories, but it’s also when you can inject a ton of extra points into your favorite stat by locking certain items into any or all of your five slots. of accessories. We’ve already covered a few (the Thump Drum and Rough Bands), but there are a few more to consider.


The Fertility Charm can be created using a stone knife and hard rock. It reduces your speed by -10, but you gain a healing ability. Consider that Beru already comes with healing abilities and Gori and Pogo both receive attacks with minor healing before sacrificing that speed. There’s the pretty flower that gives Beru and Pog +1 defense, +8 special attack, and +4 special defense, all for the low price of a beast fang and a hard rock. Finally, there is the Fang necklace. Only usable by Beru, it offers meager +2 special defense for a beast fang and a leather bracelet.

Remember that, supplies allowed, you can simply fill all five slots with a single item type. The only limit is your imagination and what you pick up from the ground.

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