Listen to Guile’s theme in Street Fighter 6, Sharpened Sonic

Capcom has released Guile’s theme for Street Fighter 6, a brand new track called Sharpened Sonic. While it won’t replace his world famous Street Fighter II theme, Guile’s new music is no slouch in the audio department and is a real banger that draws elements from his previous themes. You can listen to it below.

This weekend is important for Street Fighter 6, as it will be featured in a panel today during the Evo 2022 tournament. While Street Fighter V is one of the main titles in the annual fighting game event, Street Fighter 6 will also be on the tournament floor in playable form for attendees. Fans are also expecting a new character to be revealed, who will join Ryu, Luke, Chun-Li, and Guile.

If you want to see all the action from home, you can check out GameSpot’s guide on how to watch Evo 2022. Even Mortal Kombat ko-creator Ed Boon seems excited to see what Street Fighter 6 has to offer. show Evo, as he confirmed that NetherRealm Studios would not make any announcements regarding his gory fighting game.

Capcom mentioned back in June that Street Fighter 6 news would quiet down as the studio focused on development, but there’s currently plenty to read in case you missed its official reveal earlier this year. Guile received a dedicated trailer at Summer Game Fest Live, Capcom confirmed that it will implement rollback netcode for Street Fighter 6 multiplayer, and more combat details revealed how the game is evolving for next-gen. of players.

You can also read GameSpot’s Street Fighter 6 hands-on preview, which describes the brawler as having solid fundamentals ahead of its 2023 launch on PC, Xbox Series X | S, PS5 and PS4.

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