If you like documentaries, you should check out this streaming service offering

Curiosity stream is a streaming platform that gives you access to a variety of science, technology and nature documentaries. It’s basically Netflix, but instead of Stranger Things and The Witcher, you get educational talks from Michio Kaku and David Attenborough. Curiosity Stream is a one-time service, typically costing $20 a year for an annual plan — but for now, you can snag a lifetime subscription for only $180.

This Curiosity Stream lifetime subscription gives you unlimited access to HD documentaries on all your devices. You’ll have access to thousands of hours of footage on topics like science, history, technology, nature, and more, making it the perfect streaming platform for fans of the History and Discovery channel. . New content is added weekly, so there should always be something to watch at the end of the day.

One of the new shows featured on Curiosity Stream is Planet of Treasures, which takes viewers on a journey around the world to UNESCO World Heritage sites while your guide takes a closer look at incredible locations scattered across Earth. Or you can dive into a documentary about the future of autonomous vehicles and the impact they will have on humanity.

Curiosity Stream won’t be for everyone, but if you’re interested in science and nature documentaries, there are undoubtedly plenty of great shows and movies to dive into. And with a lifetime subscription now available for $180, its catalog is definitely worth a closer look.

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