How to Get Cloth in V Rising

As you progress through the various missions in V Rising, you will find that even more advanced materials are required. Whether it’s expanding your castle or more powerful gear, early game resources won’t suffice when you reach a certain point. If you’re looking to craft better mid-game gear, you’ve probably needed Cloth at some point. It is an essential ingredient that is needed to craft armor with a higher gear score.

Although Cloth is a common world drop, most commonly at farms such as the Dunley Farmlands to the north, you can also learn how to craft it. This saves you from having to rely on RNG to get you the materials in the desert. In the guide below, we’ll cover how to craft Cloth as well as the best places to farm it if you don’t want to go the crafting route.

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Tissue acquisition

The station you need to craft fabric is called the loom. Much like other stations, such as the Sawmill, Furnace, and Grinder, the Loom has a specific blueprint that is only unlocked after defeating a boss. This boss is called Beatrice the Tailor, who has a recommended level of 38 and can be found in Dawnbreak Village. This point of interest is located on the eastern side of the map, west of the Sacred Mountains. You can see exactly where Beatrice is via the map screenshot below, courtesy of

Beatrice's location is marked by the skull on the map.
Beatrice’s location is marked by the skull on the map.

Once Beatrice has been processed, you will unlock the Loom blueprint. This station requires 20 Planks, 12 Copper Ingots, and 4 Woolen Threads to build through your base’s Build menu. It’s wise to pick up Yarn Yarn while you’re in the farmland near Beatrice’s location. Wool Yarn is mainly found in chests and inside farm buildings. The village where Beatrice is has some Yarn lying around, so be sure to grab it before you leave so you can have it to build the loom when you get back to your base.

Once the loom is built, take at least nine plant fibers and three leathers and place them in your inventory. This is the exact amount of the two materials needed to make cloth through the loom. Place both materials inside the loom and wait for the station to produce pieces of fabric.

If you want to try your hand at looting fabrics in the world, you can return to the farms near where Beatrice the Tailor is. There’s fabric all around these farms, either in chests or destructible boxes. However, the most efficient way to acquire Cloth is still the crafting process with the Loom. With enough Cloth, you will be able to craft higher quality gear to take on more bosses in V Rising.

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