Halo Infinite update brings back tank gun and skill jumps next week

An update to address some of the biggest issues fans have had with Halo Infinite Season 2 is coming soon. Senior Halo Community Manager John Junyszek confirmed on Twitter that developer 343 Industries is planning the update for next week.

Halo Infinite’s second multiplayer season introduced a new battle pass, two new maps, and new events. While fans have been clamoring for new content, the update also introduced a major gun jamming bug and removed things like “skill jumps” from various multiplayer maps and the pistol easter egg. campaign float, much to the dismay of fans. the upcoming update will address those concerns, with 343 himself admitting the launch of Season 2 has been “bumpy”.

Skill jumps often involved jumping parts of a map, such as a lamp post or small ledge, in a very precise manner in order to traverse maps faster and more unpredictably. The secret campaign tank gun has been widely used by many speed racers or fans who are just looking to have a good time blasting everything with a handheld tank gun.

Citing “extremely strong feedback,” 343 Industries will be bringing back some, but not all, of the skill jumps removed, and looking to try and communicate those jumps visually more clearly. The weapon jamming bug needs to be fixed so that the weapons no longer stop firing randomly and the tank gun also returns. However, other speedrun strategies removed in the Season 2 update, such as the ability to ride a pelican, will not be fixed. 343 cites the fact that many of the strategies removed are “much more complicated because they are closely related to work”. we did in preparation for co-op”, and as such will not return to the game.

Halo Infinite recently turned its new battle royale-style Last Spartan Standing mode into its own permanent playlist. A new free event, Fracture: Entrenched, will begin on May 24 and will be similar to Season 1’s Fracture: Tenrai events. custom Forge map scheduled for September.

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