Free Fire 5th Anniversary Event Adds New Content and Justin Bieber

Free Fire will celebrate its 5th anniversary with a five-part series for fans. Free items will be given away in-game every day until Justin Beiber’s in-game performance of his exclusive track “Beautiful Love (Free Fire)” on August 27. There will also be weekly rollouts which will include crafted chapters called Battle, Style, Map, Hero, and Memory.

The Justin Beiber in-game event will be the first-ever performance performed in Free Fire. Players will have access to an interactive setup including custom emotes, mini-games, and a chance to play as Justin Bieber’s avatar on stage.

Do you have Bieber fever?
Do you have Bieber fever?

Free Fire will also give players the Magic Cube to further celebrate the event. This will allow them to redeem exclusive costume packs.

New daily and limited time missions will also be introduced. Once a player has accumulated enough Tokens, they can use them to purchase exclusive rewards through the Exchange Shop. Players will also have the ability to unlock classic costumes and weapons upon completing these missions.

In addition to new missions, players can also look forward to the release of the latest Nexterra map, featuring “various items to elevate and diversify players’ combat experience.”

Players will have the option to play in a new limited-time Free For All mode. It will take place in El Pastelo and will accommodate up to 16 players in a close zone. In this mode, players can select their weapons and get points by eliminating other players, and whoever reaches the predetermined number of points first wins.

Finally, a new mode called Droid Apocalypse will be introduced which will accommodate up to 12 players in the game. Players will select their droids in this mode and try to convert as many humans as possible into droids. Once a specific number of humans remain in the game, they transform into hunters with enhanced states and can begin hunting droids. Players earn points in this mode based on their performance, and whoever has the most points after three rounds wins the match.

Free Fire is a free mobile game. You can download it from the Apple App Store and google play.

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