Fortnite Crash Pad Unvaulted: where to get them and how they work

As Fortnite’s No Sweat summer event rages on, Epic continues to add non-stop quests, map changes, and items to keep players busy. The Crash Pad, a fan-favorite utility item that can make a huge difference in a variety of situations, wasn’t vaulted to add to the fun this week. Take a look below where we’ll tell you all about Crash Pads and where you can round one up for yourself.

Where to find Crash Pads and how they work

Crash Pads are a mobility item that can be found practically anywhere – on the ground, in chests or by opening supply points.

Crash Pads have several different uses, but the most obvious is the ability to allow you to reach new heights quickly. By throwing it on the ground near a structure, you can shoot yourself on the roof to quickly take the heights or engage whoever might occupy it.


Second, you can throw a Crash Pad directly below you when falling from a height that could damage or kill you. This will simply allow you to land on the Crash Pad and bounce instead.

Be careful though, a Crash Pad can deflate quite easily, so don’t be surprised if someone shoots it to force you to stay on the ground. Also keep in mind that if you try to throw a new Crash Pad too close to an existing pad, it will destroy the original.

As you bounce through your summer quests without a sweat, be sure to find the coolest person on the island and see what’s new for Fortnite crew members this month.

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