Far Cry 6 is free this weekend on consoles and PC

If you waited to buy far cry 6, your patience paid off. From now until August 7, you can experience the open-world shooter for free on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. You will have access to the entire base game as well as all free DLC released by Ubisoft since launch. The game is also on sale for the next few days, saving you 60% if you decide to pick it up after the free play days.

Far Cry 6 follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, giving you a tyrannical enemy to fight in the form of dictator Anton Castillo (played by Giancarlo Esposito). In order to end his rule, you’ll need to traverse the unforgiving Yara Island, picking up hostile encampments along the way. The game looks impressive on next-gen platforms and high-end PCs, but the action is just as free and chaotic as usual. Whether you want to sneak up on enemies or sprint into the line of fire with super-powered weapons, Far Cry 6 won’t hold you back.

While Free Play Days only last until August 7, most Far Cry 6 discounts stay much longer. Here is an overview of the current sales of Far Cry 6:

Season passes and deluxe versions of the game are also discounted – so be sure to browse the full catalog before making a purchase.

Our Far Cry 6 review found the game to be another entertaining open-world game that Far Cry veterans and newcomers alike will enjoy. It really doesn’t add anything new to the formula, but there’s enough entertaining content here to make it worth its new low price.

“Far Cry games have long been massive open-world affairs, giving players all sorts of things to do, from driving different vehicles to flying wingsuits to hunting animals and experiencing side missions. “, wrote critic Phil Hornshaw. “As revolutionary guerrilla fighter Dani Rojas, all of these options are available to you again in Far Cry 6 – and more.”

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