EA Play Rewards Free Apex Legends/Battlefield 2042 Cosmetics This Month

Electronic Arts’ subscription service, EA Play, comes with A lot of advantagesincluding regular in-game freebies. This month, Apex Legends and Battlefield 2042 players who subscribe to the service will be eligible for free cosmetics.

Apex Legends

Subscribers who play Apex Legends can use The Shield loading screen, a transition screen that appears when loading into matches. The Shield depicts a scene from the massive lobster attack that took place in the Season 13 launch trailer. The Shield loading screen is available from May 17 to June 13.

The shield loading screen for Apex Legends.
The shield loading screen for Apex Legends.

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield fans can also pick up some nice loot, with the Close Shave Razor Blade Pistol Charm available May 1-31.

Subscribers who play Grid Legends, FIFA 2022, Madden NFL 2022 and NHL 2022 will also have access to fun freebies. All current in-game rewards can be found at EA Official Siteas well as a list of upcoming rewards.

However, EA Play comes with more than free cosmetics. Subscribers will also have access to exclusive rewards and in-game challenges for their favorite games, a huge library of free EA classics, a 10-hour window that allows players to test games before making a purchase, and 10% off Electronic Arts digital content, including games, DLC, season passes, and even in-game currency. Players can learn more about EA Play and start their subscription by visiting the Official EA Play Site.

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