Destiny 2 Season 17 Trial Armor Will Turn Your Hunter Into A Golden Baboon

Bungie has detailed new changes for Trials of Osiris, the high-level PvP event that has undergone significant evolution over several months. While the previous two weekends experimented with Freelance and Zone Capture modes, this weekend will mix things up further with another Freelance session that has Zone Control enabled.

There will be a short break until June 10, but when Trials returns it will be with new loot to earn.

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The new Fusion Rifle and Sidearm were previously announced, but the armor on offer will lean more towards the Trials aesthetic according to Bungie. Like other Trials-themed gear, the new armor sets mix Egyptian fashion with gold, though unfortunately for Hunter players, their threads will make them look like a heavily armed baboon.

Impeccable fashion.
Impeccable fashion.

Another great piece of gear Guardians can fight for in the Trials is Falcon’s Chase Sparrow, which can be described as high-speed opulence. There’s also a Trials-themed ghost you can spot in the armor preview above, sporting its own exotic shell that fits right in with the multiplayer event.

The fastest feather duster Glimmer can buy.
The fastest feather duster Glimmer can buy.

In other Destiny 2 news, you can tune in later to see where Xur is and what rewards are on offer in this weekend’s Trials of Osiris. Season of the Risen ends next week on May 24, and Season 17 will see Vault storage increased by 100 slots, a new in-game reward system for the Solstice event, and an all-new dungeon unlocked on May 27.

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