DC’s Wonder Twins HBO Max Movie Focused

Just over a month after announcing the cast of the HBO Max-led Wonder Twins, Warner Bros. Discovery dropped the film, Variety reports.

Warner Bros. announced in February that it was developing a movie based on the DC characters known as the Wonder Twins, a pair of alien twins named Zan and Jayna. The twins can touch each other’s hands, each transforming into a kind of water and a kind of animal. The twins also have a monkey named Gleek, because that’s how it worked in the 1970s. The pair first appeared on the infamous Super Friends TV show which confirmed Aquaman’s status in as DC’s biggest joke for the next forty years. Despite the presence of an alien who can turn into a bucket of water and his monkey friend.

Little was known about the Wonder Twins picture other than the main cast of KJ Apa and Isabel May as twins. Variety notes that the film reportedly had a budget of $75 million and was likely a victim of Discovery CEO David Zaslav, who was looking to cut $3 billion from the company’s costs.

Meanwhile, a slew of other DC movies are either on the way or in the works. DC League of Super-Pets will be released on July 29, followed by Black Adam on October 21. Shazam! Fury of the Gods ends the year on December 16. Next year we’ll see Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom on March 17, 2023, and finally The Flash on June 23, 2023. Currently in filming or development, a Batgirl movie, a Blue Beetle movie, a third Wonder Woman movie, and more Again.

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