Colin Farrell wants to star in Batman 2, alongside his penguin show on HBO Max

In a new interview, Colin Farrell says he wants his penguin from 2022 The Batman to not only appear in the upcoming HBO Max series, but also return in the sequel announced earlier this year. So far, only writer-director Matt Reeves and star Robert Pattinson have been confirmed to be back.

“Oh my god, are you kidding me?” Farrell said entertainment tonight after publication, he asked if he would play Penguin on the big screen again. “It’s so much fun, are you kidding [with] me? I walked around the block, man. It was an easy sport, I mean… it was a joy.”

Farrell added of the sequel, “Matt lives up to his bullshit, you know, hovering over the keyboard and just planning the story because he’s so meticulous. He’s so obsessed with what he does, but he’s everywhere [HBO Max’s] penguin [series] as well.”

The Batman sequel will be the second film in a planned trilogy, and suitors Reeves or Pattinson have expressed interest in including the Court of Owls, Calendar Man, Mr. Freeze or Hush as villains in the next film. Nicolas Cage showed up to be considered playing Egghead, also known as the villain Vincent Price played on the ’60s Batman show. “I think I can make him absolutely terrifying,” Cage said.

The Penguin show will, unsurprisingly, follow Farrell’s Oswald Cobblepot as he steps up to presumably fill the newly created power vacuum at the top of Gotham City’s underworld. Reeves will serve as executive producer alongside Farrell himself. Lauren LeFranc (Agents of SHIELD, Chuck) will serve as showrunner. Farrell told Entertainment Tonight that he “hopes” filming for the series will begin in 2023.

The Batman grossed $369 million at the US box office and $770 million worldwide.

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