CoD: Warzone August 3 Patch Notes Details On Gun Nerfs And Bug Fixes

Call of Duty: Warzone received major weapon balancing with the Season 4 Reloaded update on July 27, but now the developer has revealed the patch notes for a new update on August 3, which includes some fixes. of bugs and several gun nerfs.

According to the patch notes, the new Vargo-S Assault Rifle in Season 4 Reloaded has received a buff for the custom Mirzoyan 414mm barrel. This change increased the muzzle velocity by 35%, which Raven Software says was implemented because the muzzle velocity of the barrel was hampering the weapon’s long-range viability.

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While the Vargo-S received a buff, several popular Warzone weapons were nerfed in the update. Vanguard’s NZ-41 Assault Rifle had the weapon’s localized damage multiplier decreased from 1.5 to 1.3 damage. The KG M40 Assault Rifle also received a decrease to the weapon’s localized damage multiplier, but the pistol got a slight boost to the neck’s localized damage multiplier from 1.3 to 1.32.

This list of nerfs also included Modern Warfare’s Kilo 141, reducing the weapon’s minimum damage from 23 to 22, which the developer said was due to the massive increase in kill-to-death ratio with the Kilo. 141 on smaller maps.

The update also fixed some major issues for the battle royale, including a bug added with Season 4 Reloaded that previously caused unintended lighting changes on Caldera. The patch notes also fixed an issue where players were taking damage when entering gas, which was caused by a slight delay in the gas mask animation.

The full list of weapon changes and bug fixes can be found below, as shared by Raven Software.

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  • Fixed an issue that caused players to receive damage when entering gas due to a slight delay in the gas mask animation.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the incorrect amount of armor to be applied when equipping or picking up tempered or specialized perks.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the lighting to change unintentionally on Caldera.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Last Alive” player card to display incorrect text.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some Season Four Reload Calling Cards to display incorrect text.


Weapon Adjustments

“Assault Rifles”

Vargo-S (VG)

  • Mirzoyan 414mm custom
    • Muzzle velocity now increased by 35%

We see good early performance data coming from the Vargo-S (VG), but the Muzzle Velocity was retaining its long-term viability.

NZ-41 (VG)

  • Headshot spot damage multiplier reduced to 1.3, down from 1.5
  • Shot deflection increased

KG M40 (VG)

  • Headshot localized damage multiplier reduced to 1.32, down from 1.46
  • Neck spot damage multiplier increased to 1.32, down from 1.3

As mentioned before, our philosophy is to address the damage profile of weapons that are designed to be easier to control. The KG M40 (VG) began to establish itself as the leader. This is mainly due to headshot reliability and has one of the highest headshot accuracy in the game. By reducing this, we expect to see the weapon perform well, but not dominate.

Volkssturmgewehr (VG)

  • Minimum damage reduced to 21, down from 22
  • VDD 287mm
    • Damage range penalty increased to -25%, down from -10%
    • Initial speed penalty increased to -20%, down from -10%
    • Vertical knockback penalty increased to -21%, from -12% previously
  • Krausnick 428mm 05V
    • Damage range reduced to 26%, down from 40%

We love seeing the Volkssturmgewehr (VG) starting to find their place in the meta, but we see their long-term effectiveness getting higher and higher. This indicates that more players found accurate long-range builds with the weapon. A small tweak to its minimum damage reinforces the weapon’s identity as a close-to-mid range power, but can be used from a distance when needed.

Kilo (MW)

  • Minimum damage reduced to 22, down from 23

While we’re excited to see the “return of the king”, we’ve seen a high jump in KD, especially in the higher-skilled slices on the smaller maps. This is due to the relative ease of recoil that the kilo allows. While we like its maneuverability where it is, like with the KG M40, we’ll be reducing its damage profile a bit.

“Submachine Guns”

Some of the more recent additions to the submachine gun category have been dominant and have reduced the once large scope that was on offer. This is mainly due to much superior maneuverability. We’re making a few strategic changes here to keep weapons viable while opening up the close-range meta to its former glory.

Armaguerra 43 (VG)

  • ADS movement speed scaling reduced to 1.36, down from 1.4
  • .30 Russian Short 34 Round Mags
    • Damage range penalty increased to -25%, down from -14%
  • Kurz 72 8mm Round Magazines
    • Damage range reduced to 5%, down from 10%
    • Scalar movement speed penalty increased to -5%, down from -4.2%
  • 18mm Imerito Shorts
    • ADS movement speed bonus reduced to 18%, down from 20%.

Marco 5 (VG)

  • ADS in/out transition time increased to 200ms, from 190ms previously
  • Increased vertical recoil

H4 Blixen (VG)

  • Maximum damage reduced to 39, down from 40
  • Maximum damage range reduced to 8 meters, down from 9 meters
  • ADS in/out transition time increased to 210ms, from 190ms previously
  • Bergstrom 17″ F3
    • Initial speed reduced to 35%, down from 50%
    • Movement speed increase removed, down from 3%
    • ADS movement speed increase removed, down to 6%
  • 7.62 Gorenko 54 Tour Mag
    • Movement speed now decreased by 2%
    • ADS in/out transition time scalar decreased to -3%, down from 2% previously


Handgun Echo (MW)

  • Neck and torso damage multiplier reduced to 1.0, down from 1.1.
  • Upper torso damage multiplier reduced to 1.0, down from 1.1.
  • Lower torso damage multiplier reduced to 1.0, down from 1.1

We’d like to see a headshot thrown into the mix to hit those 3 shots to kill time while still in its max damage range. This should more fairly reward aiming hits with the Handgun Echo (MW).

“Light machine guns”

Whiteness (VG)

  • 16″ CGC wrapped
    • Damage range penalty reduced to -20%, down from -30%
  • 28″ Gracey Mk.9
    • Damage range increased to 30%, down from 15%
  • .303 British 45 Round Mags
    • Damage range penalty reduced to -10%, down from -20%


VLK Rogue (MW)

  • Max Pellet Damage reduced to 38, down from 60
  • Min damage pellets increased to 15, down from 14


Attachment adjustments


Advantage of guns

  • Recoil control reduced to 3%, down from 4%.

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