Bob Odenkirk teases Better Call Saul Ending and what happens to Saul after Breaking Bad

Better Call Saul is currently in the middle of its sixth and final season, and star Bob Odenkirk has now shed some light on how the AMC drama will end for his character, Saul Goodman/Jimmy McGill/Gene Takavic.

Odenkirk said The Los Angeles Times that he argued with the creators of Better Call Saul, Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan, about the fundamental ideas concerning his character. “My speech to them is always this: sometimes people learn the right lessons from challenges and trauma,” he said.

Whether or not that happens remains to be seen. As viewers know, seasons 1-5 of Better Call Saul began with black-and-white flashes of Saul following the events of Breaking Bad, now living in Omaha, Nebraska as Gene Takavic.

In his post-Breaking Bad life, he runs a Cinnabon and doesn’t have much life. These flash-forward scenes culminated in a sequence involving Gene again seeking to switch identities, but then he apparently changed his mind. Presumably, the remaining episodes of Better Call Saul will pick up the threads and reveal Saul/Jimmy/Gene’s choice and what happens next.

Odenkirk spoke about it briefly in the interview, saying that Gene was finally accepting what he really wants in life.

“He looks back on his whole life and wonders, ‘Am I reacting like my instinct tells me, the same instinct that brought me to the fucking mall in Omaha, making buns a la cinnamon? Do I still follow this instinct?’ He’s still Jimmy McGill. He’s still Saul Goodman. I promise you that. But as he grows, he’s like, ‘Really? Is all this worth it?” And you see in that moment that he can’t hold this shit down anymore. He needs to be himself.

Odenkirk went on to say, “I’ve always told Peter and Vince that sometimes people learn the right lessons and not the most selfish, resentful lesson from a bad thing that happened to them. They grow taller and more graceful and not smaller and earthier-down.”

Odenkirk claimed this wasn’t a character spoiler, and he understands how people might take this quote as a tease that Saul is going to grow into a “kind-hearted, generous, caring person.” It may not be, but something is brewing.

“I can’t tell you where he ends up, but it’s not like he has a revelation of humanity. I think he’s getting there. I think I’ve said all I can say . But I like the end of his journey. And I think you will too.”

Better Call Saul still has one episode remaining in the first half of the final season, which is set to air on May 23. The show then takes a break before returning for its final run of seven episodes, starting July 11.

We haven’t seen them yet, but Bryan Cranston’s Walter White and Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman will appear in the final season of Better Call Saul in some capacity.

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