Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

Netflix has released the first trailer for Vampire in the Garden, which will hit the streaming service on May 16. The anime is a new original series from Wit Studio, the Japanese animation company that produced the first three seasons of Attack on Titan.

Like Attack on Titan vampire in the garden is another gorgeous series about a group of survivors who fight against ferocious mythological creatures – this time, as the title suggests, it’s vampires who are devastating humanity. According to an official synopsis, the series is less about the ravages of war and is more “the story of a young girl and a vampire on a journey to find paradise”. (Anyway, the trailer contains plenty of carnage and gore.) IMDb’s synopsis seems a little more idyllic: “In the divided world of the future, two girls want to do the forbidden: the human wants to play the violin, and the vampire wants to see a wider world.” Check out the trailer below.

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 1 recently won the Crunchyroll Anime of the Year award earlier this year. Latest episodes adapting the massively popular manga have started streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu back in Januarywith the series finale set to air on April 4. That’s the end of the road for the animated version, which – believe it or not – started airing in April 2013. However, the timing of this end of things ended up working quite well, as it won’t take not long for this series to end and the next one from Wit Studio to be available.

Vampire in the Garden premieres May 16, only on Netflix.

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