Apex Legends Season 14’s Vantage Won’t Be a Sneaky Sniper, Thank God

Season 14 of Apex Legends will go live on August 9, adding Vantage to the battle royale game’s playable roster. Vantage has a skill set geared towards long-range combat, giving it a specialty with sniper and sniper rifles. However, she doesn’t fit the caricature of being a sneaky sniper, as developer Respawn designed Vantage’s abilities to be strong and noticeable. Don’t expect to pick her and suddenly be able to silently take out multiple targets in a row without anyone else being more aware.

For one, Vantage’s ultimate ability, Sniper’s Mark, has a pretty strong tell. The ability sees Vantage release a custom Sentinel sniper rifle, which features a 3x-6x scope and fires shots that can mark targets. According to Apex Legends lead designer Chris Winder, Vantage’s ultimate ability has all the hallmark cues of every other weapon in the game – like a unique fire sound and impact effects – but unlike the other weapons, the Vantage’s ultimate ability also has a fairly large indicator that opponents can see, letting them know the legend has pulled out his sniper rifle.

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“Si une Vantage vise son ultime, elle a un laser de ciblage qui s’affichera dans le monde”, m’a dit Winder. “Donc, si elle vous vise, vous verrez ce laser pointé dans votre direction et vous pourrez réfléchir à deux fois aux grands écarts que vous voulez franchir ou à la couverture que vous devez atteindre.”

Le laser apparaît dans le jeu sous la forme d’un long faisceau bleu, ce qui le distingue clairement des lasers de ciblage qui seront ajoutés aux pistolets et aux mitraillettes lorsque le nouveau hop-up Laser Sight de la saison 14 leur sera attaché. Cela empêche également Vantage de pouvoir se cacher facilement lorsqu’elle utilise sa capacité ultime – tout en visant, elle crée un chemin clair vers son perchoir pour que les escouades ennemies puissent le voir.

Sa capacité tactique, Echo Relocation, ne lui fournira pas non plus un moyen de se retirer furtivement. La capacité permet à Vantage de rediriger son compagnon ressemblant à une chauve-souris, Echo, vers un point qu’elle peut voir, puis d’utiliser ensuite ses jets de saut pour faire un jet pack vers sa position. “Il est très important de savoir quand un joueur se lance ou vole dans votre direction et est sur le point d’atterrir sur votre tête ou se déplace en quelque sorte sur le champ de bataille, surtout si c’est avec ses capacités”, a déclaré Winder. “Donc, sa tactique a une bonne quantité de son lorsqu’elle initie son lancement et lorsqu’elle vole dans les airs et peut-être des doubles sauts vers la fin. Donc, cela a de la bonne viande pour que vous puissiez savoir que cela se produit si ce n’est pas à l’écran et vous aide à localiser où Vantage pourrait sauter.”

Après qu'Echo ait repéré un endroit, Vantage peut faire un jet pack vers son compagnon ressemblant à une chauve-souris.
Après qu’Echo ait repéré un endroit, Vantage peut faire un jet pack vers son compagnon ressemblant à une chauve-souris.

L’écho est également visible pour les ennemis, de sorte qu’un adversaire passionné pourra déterminer où saute un Vantage en fonction de l’endroit où il vole. Cependant, il ne fait pas beaucoup de bruit, il est donc beaucoup plus difficile de le distinguer de manière audible par rapport, par exemple, au drone de Crypto.

“Il y a une bonne distinction là-bas, en fait”, a déclaré Winder. “Echo ne fournit pas comme le drone de Crypto. Le drone lui-même est à la fois la source de [Crypto’s] ultimate [ability] and also the source of its digitization [passive ability]. So you really have to know when this thing is flying and where it is, you also have to be able to shoot it so that you can kind of dull the ultimate potential or stop being scanned. For Vantage, Echo doesn’t really do anything directly to enemies. It is therefore not really a threat in itself. You can sort of think of Echo as the point at which Pathfinder connects its grappling hook – it’s not really something you can shoot at and disconnect its grappling hook or anything. »

On top of that, Winder added that Echo doesn’t make a lot of noise in an effort to prevent Vantage from using it offensively, having Echo fly near other players to scream and beat and just be a nuisance. In that regard, as of Season 14, Crypto’s drone is still the most annoying distraction you can fly into an opponent’s face.

It looks like Vantage won’t be too hard to counter either, featuring one of the noticeably taller character models among the female legends. You will easily be able to spot Vantage from a distance. “From a gameplay standpoint, his silhouette is quite unique,” ​​Winder said. “She’s as tall as Bangalore but quite thick – internally it’s sometimes said she’s built like a bobsledder.”

Vantage's ultimate ability has a noticeable targeting laser, but it only appears when aiming.
Vantage’s ultimate ability has a noticeable targeting laser, but it only appears when aiming.

While many players probably associate sniper characters in hero shooters with a leaner or smaller body type (like Overwatch’s Widowmaker or Valorant’s Chamber), the Apex Legends team designed Vantage for it to be thicker to better align with his story as someone who lived. land and survive by hunting dangerous prey in harsh climates throughout its life. At 18, she’s the youngest legend on the Apex Legends roster, but she’s also lived a very tough life physically.

“She had to survive this life on Pàgos with just her and her mother,” Winder said. “She’s extremely capable in this environment and has survived in this environment, so she’s pretty tough.”

His story informed more than just his looks – players will be able to hear lots of amusing dialogue between Vantage and the other Legends that betrays how socially disadvantaged his upbringing was.

“It’s her first time in civilization, she grew up alone except for her mother on Pàgos,” Apex Legends editor Kevin Lee told me. “So she’s new to civilization, she’s new to interpersonal dynamics — especially with people who are aware of social cues and mannerisms and rules.”

Lee told me that a lot of older legends will take on more of a parenting role when it comes to Vantage – as seen in the Season 14 launch trailer, where Fuse and Horizon embody strong grumpy dad energies and protective mum – but there will be many other relationships too. Bloodhound will view Vantage as a hunting companion and equal, for example. However, perhaps most intriguing is the hint that Mad Maggie will take an interest in the young sniper.

“Mad Maggie has some interesting interactions with [Vantage] because Mad Maggie is in jail between games and knows Vantage’s mom is too,” Lee teased. “And so [Maggie] is like, ‘Respect. Your mother is a badass.'”

Vantage's dam is as interesting as Vantage, if not more so.
Vantage’s dam is as interesting as Vantage, if not more so.

Like I said before, Vantage’s mother is incredibly interesting when it comes to Apex Legends lore. Imprisoned for a crime she apparently didn’t commit – and which Respawn refuses to tell us about – Vantage’s mother, Xenia, represents a lot of potential for the story of Apex Legends, both in terms of the Maggie and Lifeline’s fight against the Syndicate, as well as a potential connection to criminal plots on Gaea, the home planet of Rampart, Caustic and Crypto.

“[Xenia’s crime] is definitely something we have in our back pocket as something we’re going to explore with Vantage,” Lee said. things on the planet – but at the end of the day, she considers her relationship with her mother to be one of her strongest. Echo and her mother are her people, her community.”

Lee continued: “His mother’s crimes were deliberately kept hidden. They’re kind of out there – it’s definitely a complicated story. It’s not as simple as ‘His mother did that thing’ or ‘ She’s transgressed a hundred thousand times, so she’s in jail forever. No, it’s something a little more complex and nuanced, depending on who you’re talking to [in Apex Legends], you get different details about what she went through. So we’re kind of going to analyze that and it’s definitely going to be a huge and important part of future Vantage storylines. »

This all sounds interesting to me, and I’m grateful that Vantage’s kit doesn’t look like something that’s going to break Apex Legends’ in-match meta. There’s no clear way to know until the entire community gets their hands on her, obviously, but Vantage at least looks like a legend designed to complement the mostly close combat-focused meta with her long-range abilities. scope, without existing outside.

Along with the addition of Vantage, Apex Legends Season 14 will also see the return of Skull Town to Kings Canyon as an all-new Relic point of interest, and a new safari-themed battle pass added to the game. which includes legendary character skins for Wraith and Caustic. and legendary weapon skins for the Triple-Take.

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