Among Us Was Almost Not Among Us in 2019

Innersloth co-founder Marcus Bromander recently revealed that support for Among Us nearly ended in 2019 – the period right before it took off on a meteoric rise. Speaking on a Overcome Podcast EpisodeBromander said the team nearly quit Among Us to work on other projects.

“We were pretty much done by the start of 2019,” Bromander said. “We released our third map and made enough bug fixes to make the game work, and we were like, ‘Okay, that’s it. No more. It’s time to work on something else.”

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Then, in a surprising turn of events, Among Us started gaining traction and Innersloth decided to ride the wave. It’s hard to overstate how popular Among Us was at the time – politicians, Twitch streamers, and groups of friends all seemed to be playing the game and using the word “sus”.

Although Among Us is no longer at the zenith of its popularity, it still maintains a strong player base. In NPD’s top 10 most played console and PC games in Q1 2022, Among Us made the list.

The popular social game is also getting a VR version sometime in 2022. A Among us VR The trailer released on June 9 shows what the gameplay will look like. Among Us VR will be on Meta Quest and Rift, and is also expected to come to the PSVR 2 when the headset releases.

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